What is cybersquatting?

www-cybersquattingDomain name today it is not simply virtual name of your site. Now domains became a profit reliable source, and domain business is one of the most perspective directions of earnings on the Internet. This direction also is called cybersquatting.

Cybersquatting it is a sort of commercial activity in a network, assuming purchase of domains with their subsequent resale at more favourable price. In other words, it is a question of gamble on domain names. People who practise it, it is accepted to name cybersquatters.

The origin history begins in those days when the stage of the formation was worried by «a global web». Then, in the nineties the last century, perspicacious Internet users began register for the first time free of charge at first, and then and for money to get the most valuable domain names. It is accepted to understand a number of its basic characteristics as value of the domain: brevity, analogousness to words existing in real language, identity to the name of known trade marks, the companies etc. According to the first cybersquatters, the quantity of such domain names, owing to network rapid development, has been limited. Hence, having reserved by their certain number, in the future when there should come domain deficiency, it was possible to earn very well on their resale.

The assumption of domain speculators has appeared truly prophetical. Despite constant increase in the list of domain zones, both international, and national, worthy domains catastrophically do not suffice. Moreover, the situation with their availability to the ordinary user of a network constantly worsens. Everything that costs attention, by someone is already occupied. And interesting feature is that fact that more than 40 % of all domains registered on a planet are not used by the owners. Cybersquatters expect the adequate offer from the potential buyer to sell to it pleasant the domain much more expensively its face value. Actually, the essence also consists in it cybersquatting – the business based on purchase and sale of domain names.

Cost of domain names in a Runet zone cannot brag of such transcendental figures, however here too there are leaders. The first place belongs Casino.ru. In the secondary market of domain names this virtual name has been sold for 250 thousand dollars! In due time in 92 thousand dollars the domain Fortuna.ru has managed to the new owner. Not so long ago, namely on January, 14th this year the next intermediate record in the Russian segment of a network the Internet has been set up – the domain name Hi.ru has been bought for 80,6 thousand dollars.

Apparently, trade in domain names can be very profitable. The main thing, in time to catch the attractive domain. As to the buyer it always will be. Good luck to you in fascinating domain business!

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