Money in the world

moneyMoney is such a thing that makes people fight, quarrel or visa verse. Winning a lottery usually makes people happy, because they become a millionaire at one moment. But as every coin it has two sides, good and bad one. So, it has advantages and disadvantages.

The first advantage is that can pay all they debts, buy everything they want to improve they life, leave routines behind and just enjoy your life. You can have an opportunity get up in the morning and not to think about your work. You can get rid of your noisy boss, who is the cause of your nervous breakdown. Your dreams may come true. You can spend your money in any way. For example, you can buy the trip of you dream and go around the world.
Secondly, some people, who won a lottery are just happy to help people, who are poor, ill or suffer from natural disaster or who became victims of this events. Such people are on the breadline. They need a lot of money to improve life because in such cases they are hard up.
Thirdly,a millionaire can start they own business. Moreover, they can help they relatives and go into family business.
On the other hand, a millionaire can start thinking about money all the time. As a result, friends start to quarrel and even more, they can become enemies. I’d like to say that money can even destroy friendship. There are some cases when one friend became fairly well-off and as a result he or she became possessed by money.
Secondly, a millionaire can afford such things as drugs, alcohol. They can make parties all nights and spend all money in vain.  They spend money like water, but then, when they realize that the money finished, they have to tighten their belt.
Thirdly, a millionaire afraid that they can be killed because of money. Also, they want protect they family because they understand that there are some people, who can do everything for money, and for such people life is nothing!
To my mind, I don’t want to win a lottery because I prefer to earn money myself. It much more pleasant to me spend money, which I earn. I’d like not to worry about my life and life of my relatives.

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